With the support of Frank, kickboxing has brought my self confidence back from the dead.  It's been over 13 years since I have had this much energy and motivation.  Every class is a shot of adrenaline.  With Frank's guidance I stopped caring about being skinny and started focusing on being fit.   ~Denise S.

Even when I felt DONE, Frank's energy and encouragement always helped me dig deeper, and he always made me feel like I was actually doing great!  ~ Kathie F.

After going through a divorce, job loss, job change, and move..I thought I would try kickboxing.  Not only did I begin to get into shape but I found a relief from the stress of life and began to find more courage and strength mentally and physically than I ever thought possible.   ~ Mickey C.

Frank the Motivator Miller taught my first kickboxing class.  I nearly died, but I was hooked!  I had been fit & gotten busy with kids & work, Frank helped me find my fire again.  He always pushed me & I was able to do more than I ever thought.  He even high-fived me on the days that I would work til I puked & then finished the workout.  ~ Jessica J.

I am left handed and it was sometimes extremely difficult to try and reverse all the moves in my head especially if it was several combo moves at once.  EVERY time, Frank would take time after instructing the class to come over to me and show the moves in the opposite hand or leg, or both.  He isn't even left handed!  He just took the time to help me...  ~ Kimberly F.

Kickboxing is a workout that I really look forward to because even though it's intense and difficult, I feel so accomplished when I'm done; and seeing the results makes it completely worth it.  Having Frank as an instructor is phenomenal because he cares about your journey and pushes you to become better than you think you can be.  plus his positivity and bubbly personality make the workouts so much more tolerable.   ~Chelsea R.

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